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Slide Rule Labs is a Mad-Science software development shop nestled in the Rocky Mountains. We care deeply about our clients and go above-and-beyond the call of duty to help them not just with technical issues, but with providing exceptional experiences for their users and stakeholders. Our clients love us for not being afraid to tackle their hard problems.

We can help you with:

    • Scalable Ruby on Rails & PHP
    • Native & HTML5 mobile apps
    • E-commerce apps that sell more
    • Social Network Integration
    • Split testing & conversion optimization
    • Web Scraping & Data Aggregation
    • Actionable Web Analytics
    • A whole lot of other stuff

We deliver on-time and on-budget, and make you look good to your stakeholders. Here is what some of our clients say about us:

“I’m eager to use JT for my next it project. He met a very difficult deadline and so exceeded my expectations that I voluntarily paid him extra! He really sought to understand my needs and then offered lots of help and training even after implementation.”

– Michael Smart

“Dave is one of the brightest software developers I’ve ever worked with. He did a great job of helping me to understand the big picture of our software strategy while also cranking out more high-quality code than anyone else on our staff. He paid great attention to detail and was a fantastic mentor for our junior developers.”

– Rodney Bliss, President, RESMARK Systems

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What We Do

We create powerful, effective apps. They scale, they’re easy to use. They make our clients money day after day.

We teach and train people how to be better software developers.

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How We Do It

We follow a time- and experience-honored tradition of co-creating a vision with our clients to help them get the most out of their software.

  1. Pre-sales process
    1. You contact us and will hear from us within a few hours. We’ll ask you a few questions and immediately start work on preparing a proposal.
    2. We get the proposal back with a quick turnaround and we’ll give you a few days to get proposals back from other shops.
    3. We stay in touch during the evaluation process, answer any questions you have. You call and speak with our developers directly. There are no gatekeepers here, we’re too geeky for that.
    4. You select us and we sign all the agreements
  2. Hypothesis Development
    1. We spend some time with you and your stakeholders (including users, evangelists and partners) creating a vision of what the product needs to be to get the maximum yield for the budget. We capture this knowledge in the form of user stories and wireframes.
    2. When enough of the process is known, we start
  3. Iterative Mad Science
    1. We do weekly Agile iterations to deliver tangible value quickly and visibly so you can be getting feedback from users and the market
    2. We create story cards derived from the user stories we created earlier and estimate each one
    3. We work with you to set priorities and milestones
    4. We write unit and functional acceptance tests that serve as living documentation and an ad-hoc contract that the software will behave now and forever as it’s supposed to (ask us more about Behavior Driven Development, it’s a huge value driver).
    5. We do daily “Stand Up” status reports with you and the team to discuss what we did, what we’re doing and what roadblocks we have
    6. At the end of the iteration, we do a demo of the finished features and deliver the invoice so you can see the value you’re paying for
    7. We start a new iteration
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